The Working World…

So, what seems like blog attempt number one million, doesn’t seem to be going all too well. To be fair, a lot of the time I hardly have anything interesting to write about, but today was the end of my second of 52 weeks on placement and seeing as I have named my blog ‘A Travelling Geophysicist’, I might as well tell you about my time playing grownup.

You know, I never imagined myself with a desk job… I just cannot sit still. But actually, I’m really enjoying it! The unlimited tea and the fact I don’t have to wear my shoes at the desk undoubtedly contributes.  The people there are really friendly and so willing to help! It’s a really nice environment to work in, very relaxed, way more than I imagined!

Do you ever get that feeling during your degree that you just have no clue where its going or how you’re going to apply it when you eventually graduate? I spent the last two year of thinking that, but now, I finally understand what that crazy Italian man they called my Geophysics lecturer was talking about. Okay its lots of staring at a computer screen, which I probably wont be able to do forever, but its really interesting being able to learn so much about below the ocean from just some images.

My job title for the year is ‘Offshore Geophysicist’ so, hopefully, I’ll get a few opportunities to  go out on a ship whilst they’re collecting data! My role will be to quality check the data as its recorded, pretty scary how important my role would be! Thank god I won’t do it alone for a while! But how exciting, living on a boat for a month, potentially anywhere in the world. That’s the main reason I went for this job in particular. The chance to do something so different. I love exploring, this is a chance to explore, okay, it’ll be at sea, and for long periods of time all I’ll see is more sea… YAY… but there are opportunities to visit new countries.

These past two weeks have already made me feel so much more confident with my degree choice. I changed my mind a million times over what I wanted to study and what I wanted to be ‘when I grow up’, but you know what, I think I got it right. Lets hope I still feel this way 50 weeks down the line…

E x

P.S Did I mention there’s unlimited tea!


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