Here We Go Again…

Holaaa guys, so, tomorrow I head off to join the M.V. Vigilant for my next trip offshore and, this time, I plan on actually telling you how it is as I planned to last time! 

Annnyway… So here I am, sat on my bed watching Once Upon a Time (which I highly recommend), finally feeling prepared.  I’ve now known that I’ll be heading offshore for just under a week (a little more notice than last time) and have been trying to sort myself out ever since. Despite having been away before, I had no idea where to start when it came to packing. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I took before! Clothes obviously.. on that note, I just want to add, that there’s a washing machine on board and I can wash my clothes, so no, I didn’t have to re-wear clothes for 10 weeks on my last trip! (I was a little surprised about how many have asked me this question). I’m not really sure how I’ll do this, I’ll probably write various short posts whilst I’m away and upload them when I have internet! So, if you’re interested, stay tuned! 



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