North Island favourite five experiences

Well, we've been on the South Island for few weeks now and I think our time in the North Island deserves a round up! We do plan to head back there once we've finished our tour of the South, but for now, my top five. These things make me look back and smile and deserve... Continue Reading →


Catching up…

So, here we are half way though week 11 of our time here in New Zealand (now actually week 14! Oops) and I've written a total of two blog posts! Not great going I know! I could blame it on numerous things, the lack of WiFi, how busy we've been, the fact that my tablet... Continue Reading →

Our First Wwoofing Experiece

Well, long time no write. We're now at the beginning of week nine on our trip in New Zealand and we left our first Wwoofing hosts three weeks ago! I can't say I've been making a massive effort to stop and write, but with limited WiFi and a lack of chances to charge our phones... Continue Reading →

Our first week on the road..

Well, this post is well overdue. We've been with our first wwoofing hosts for almost three weeks now and I've only just got around to writing this post. Anyway, meet Erica the Estima. She was our home for the second week of our adventure here in New Zealand, and will be for much of the... Continue Reading →

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