So it begins…

So, here we are. The other side of the world! I'm sure the novelty of saying that will wear off sooner than later! We're been in Auckland for four days, having landed on New Year day... Unfortunately no special treatment on the plane, apart from a tannoy announcement! Luckily we don't seem to be jet... Continue Reading →


Highlights, 2016!

So I have just remembered, on the 10th February, that I never finished and uploaded this post! So anyway, i thought, even if its of no interest to anyone else, its a nice reminiscent post that I'll be able to look back on!  So here we are, very nearly at the end of 2016, where... Continue Reading →

Things are changing…

Hello, So yet again, blogging has failed. But hey ho, I can try and keep it alive! As you may have noticed, I've abandoned 'a travelling geophysicist', which I must admit, is a little sad, but I feel like it soon wont be true. Today is my last day working as a Geophysicist, AND, on... Continue Reading →

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