Highlights, 2016!

So I have just remembered, on the 10th February, that I never finished and uploaded this post! So anyway, i thought, even if its of no interest to anyone else, its a nice reminiscent post that I'll be able to look back on!  So here we are, very nearly at the end of 2016, where... Continue Reading →


A weekend away… Herne Bay and Whistable

This post is only seven weeks late... but hey ho, I'm going to write it anyway for me. A couple of weeks before I started my MSc back at the University of East Anglia, Matt and I took a short break to Herne Bay to somewhat relax before the work began! We booked the cutest... Continue Reading →

6 Months Later…

Wow, so my attempt at blogging about my Year in Industry has gone pretty poorly... 6 months have passed since I last wrote about my placement and at that point in time I had only been working with the company a matter of weeks... Well now it’s almost 7 months into my placement and I... Continue Reading →

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